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2019 ATHEN Virtual Conference

Share, Learn, Engage!

Join us for ATHEN's Virtual Conference Event Friday, June 21! This virtual conference will explore current technology accessibility topics within higher education. Presenters and panelists will offer real-world examples of how various institutions approach technology accessibility needs, from policy and procurement to universal design and student support. Through extended Q&A discussions, attendees can share their perspectives and learn from each other. With a focus on practice instead of theory, this event will help us pool our experiences and ideas to meet our collective goal: a more inclusive and accessible experience for all.




Welcome 8:30 AM PDT/11:30 AM EDT Introduction and welcoming remarks


Session 1 - Promoting Document Accessibility Efforts and PDF Remediation Options

8:40 AM PDT/11:40 AM EDT

Gaby de Jongh, Ana Thompson


In early 2017, the University of Washington implemented a document accessibility Pilot Project to explore the complexities, financial burden, and time commitments facing units when implementing Washington State Policy 188: Access to Information Technology. Hear the details of the pilot and how it influenced an initiative across campus.


Gaby de Jongh’s experience with Accessible Information Technology in Education has spanned over 15 years and has afforded her a solid understanding of Web Content Accessibility, document authoring tools, and how Operating Systems, hardware, software, and Assistive Technology work in tandem. She leads efforts across the University of Washington tri-campus area to increase awareness of Accessible Technology; she also provides training and expertise on creating accessible electronic documents and how to remediate legacy documents. Gaby holds a certificate as an Adobe PDF Accessibility Trainer and is a partner on the Microsoft 365 Inclusive Workplace Council. Ana Thompson has worked in higher education for the last 18 years in IT, digital learning and instructional design. As a Learning & Access Designer at the UW Bothell Office of Digital Learning & Innovation, Ana enjoys working with faculty members and staff to streamline the use of technology tools, promote digital fluency and universal design. Ana has extensive experience with Learning Management Systems (LMS), adult learning, WCAG 2.1, document accessibility, Copyright and Fair Use, Universal Design for Learning (UDL). Currently, she is the lead of the Universal Design for Learning (UDAL) campus initiative, is the co-chair of the UW Bothell Accessibility Plan committee and is a member of the UW-IT Accessibility Task Force. Ana is a certified Adobe PDF Accessibility Trainer and an IAAP Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC).

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Promoting Document Accessibility Efforts and PDF Remediation Options


Session 2 - Lessons Learned Building an Internal Digital Accessibility Consultancy at Yale

9:50 AM PDT/12:50 PM EDT

Michael Harris, Michelle Morgan, Mike Vaughn (honorable mention)


We will outline how Yale has been successful setting up an internal consultancy to support accessibility throughout the university. We will describe the group's role and scope within the institution and how it interacts with other campus units. We will discuss approaches to supporting multiple stakeholders, from faculty to web developers.


Michael Wayne Harris is the Accessibility Engineer at Yale. Michelle Morgan is the Digital Accessibility Specialist at Yale University. She also holds a Ph.D. in American Studies from Yale. Mike Vaughn is the Associate Director of Digital Accessibility at Yale. Prior to Yale, he was the IT Director and Assistant Dean of Technology at Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing.

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Lessons Learned Building an Internal Digital Accessibility Consultancy at Yale


Session 3 - Strategic Campus Collaborations: Advancing Knowledge about Accessibility at The University of Arizona

11:00 AM PDT/2:00 PM EDT

Dawn Hunziker and Barbara Lopez


The University of Arizona’s IT Accessibility Team collaborates with key campus individuals and units to continually increase awareness on accessibility in the IT and academic environments. Intentional meeting participation evolved into an effective communication network around accessibility.


Dawn Hunziker is the IT Accessibility Consultant, Sr. for the University of Arizona’s Disability Resources. She co-coordinates the UA's IT Accessibility Program to support the UA’s commitment to full accessibility of all electronic and information technology employed on campus ( Her job duties include working with campus units and committees, program managers, content developers, faculty and staff to provide input and proactive solutions regarding accessibility in the UA IT and academic environments. Additionally she coordinates Assistive Technology availability on campus, collaborates in alternate format production (documents and media), faculty development and accessible course and web design. Dawn currently serves as the President with the ATHEN Executive Committee. Dawn has presented at local, state, and national conferences regarding the UA IT Accessibility Program, pdf/web accessibility, captioning processes, and inclusive curriculum design. Barbara Lopez is recently in a new role as Digital Accessibility Consultant for the Disability Resource Center (DRC), IT Accessibility Team at the University of Arizona (UA). In this new position, she collaborates across campus to resolve technological access barriers in the curricular, information and employment environments. She consults with University personnel, including DRC staff, in researching, identifying, recommending, and implementing technical solutions to student and employee access barriers; problem-solving technological issues and compatibility concerns in implementing accommodations. Barbara’s background includes extensive experience in accommodation services, working over 10 years in directly coordinating and then supporting UA DRC’s Exam Administration office.

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Strategic Campus Collaborations: Advancing Knowledge about Accessibility at The University of Arizona