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Membership in ATHEN

Any person or organization serving the access technology needs in higher education or postsecondary environment shall be eligible to become a member of Access Technology Higher Education Network (ATHEN). Individuals seeking membership will fall into one of the following categories. Membership dues support student scholarships, student memberships, the ATHEN website, and other outreach efforts.

How to Join

You may join ATHEN by:

  1. completing the ATHEN Membership Form [DOCX]
  2. email the membership form to Jane Johnston, AHEAD's Manager of Membership Services, at OR fax to AHEAD at 704-948-7779
  3. pay for your membership using a credit card by contacting the AHEAD office at 704-947-7779 or sending a check to AHEAD (see address in ATHEN Membership Form)

You can also register for ATHEN through the Accessing Higher Ground Conference.

Please contact us if you any questions about your membership status.

Note regarding ATHEN Virtual Conference

If you are planning to join ATHEN to participate in the Virtual Conference, but may not have the payment processed by the event day, that is okay! As long as we have received your membership form, you are welcome to participate even though the payment may not have been processed.

Why join?

ATHEN is a small, but growing organization, with a focus on the topics and issues surrounding access technology and higher education. Various membership benefits include:



Professional members shall consist of individuals who are responsible for AT at an institution of higher education (post-K-12 or equivalent).

Annual Dues: $100.


Associate members may consist of individuals from organizations that are involved in the sales, development, or creation of AT, as well as those who train individuals in the use of access technology. This includes not-for-profit companies, groups, vendors, or individuals who are developers, and/or trainers of access technologies. Associates may be involved in different aspects of accessibility and not attached to a higher education institution.

Annual Dues: $150


Emeritus membership is open to individuals who have been a member in good standing of ATHEN for at least two (2) cumulative years and, while retired from active service, maintain an interest in the field and wish to remain an active ATHEN member. This membership carries all benefits associated with Professional and Institutional membership with the exception of voting rights.


Higher Education institutions wishing to maintain a presence within ATHEN. Institutional memberships allow for one voting member even though multiple members may be covered by the institutional membership.

Annual Dues: $200


Undergraduate or graduate students with a strong interest in the AT field and are sponsored by an institution or professional member. Student members should obtain approval from their sponsor before registering with ATHEN.

Annual Dues: $25


Individuals of distinction who are elected unanimously by the ATHEN Executive Council and approved by a two-thirds vote of a quorum because of outstanding and noteworthy service in the field of AT in higher education.  

Annual Dues: None