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2018 ATHEN Virtual Conference

Share, Learn, Engage!

Join us for ATHEN's Virtual Conference Event Friday, June 8! This virtual conference will explore current technology accessibility topics within higher education. Presenters and panelists will offer real-world examples of how various institutions approach technology accessibility needs, from policy and procurement to universal design and student support. Through extended Q&A discussions, attendees can share their perspectives and learn from each other. With a focus on practice instead of theory, this event will help us pool our experiences and ideas to meet our collective goal: a more inclusive and accessible experience for all.





  • 8:30 AM PDT/11:30 AM EDT
  • Introduction and welcoming remarks


Session 1 - How Three Campuses Are Addressing Office of Civil Rights Actions

  • 8:40 AM PDT/11:40 AM EDT
  • This session brings attendees the experiences of three campuses who are responding to the actions of the Office for Civil Rights (OCR). From initial responses to long-term planning, panelists will share their approaches, challenges, and successes in addressing legal, ethical, and logistical factors related to OCR actions.


Session 2 - UDL, Accessibility, and Quality Assurance – Collaborations at the University of Arizona for Accessible Online Classes

  • 9:50 AM PDT/12:50 PM EDT
  • The University of Arizona’s Office of Digital Learning and Disability Resources collaborate to ensure quality, accessible, universally designed courses for UA Online. Key partnership elements include sharing resources and knowledge around innovative technologies for teaching and best practices for accessibility and inclusive learning components.


Session 3 - Technology Strategies for Supporting Students with Disabilities

  • 11:00 AM PDT/2:00 PM EDT
  • This session explores assistive technology, mobile apps, and other technology strategies to directly support students with disabilities. Speakers will share insights into researching, selecting, supporting, and training for assistive technology for students.


Session 4 - Procuring accessible ICT and what to do when “everything is an exception”

  • 12:10 PM PDT/3:10 PM EDT
  • Campuses around the country have worked to establish procedures for the procurement and implementation of accessible ICT. However, once accessibility review processes are in place, it quickly becomes evident that most products on the market are not fully accessible. This presentation will discuss this reality and how it can be addressed.