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APPENDIX B - Functional Task List for GMail

Reading Conversations

  1. Go to the list of conversations in the inbox.
  2. Go to the list of conversations in Sent Mail
  3. Move up and down through the list of conversations and read information about each (at a minimum, read the names of the people involved in the conversation, the number of messages in the conversation, the subject line, and the date and time of the most recent message in the conversation)
  4. Identify whether the current conversation is starred.
  5. Identify whether the current conversation is marked as important
  6. Identify why the current conversation is marked as important
  7. Identify whether the current conversation includes an attachment
  8. Move to the next screen of “older messages”
  9. Move to the previous screen of “newer messages”
  10. Open a conversation (for testing purposes, open a conversationthat has multiple messages)

Taking Actions on Conversations

  1. Archive a conversation
  2. Mark a conversation as spam
  3. Delete a conversation
  4. Mark a conversation as important
  5. Mark a conversation as not important
  6. Add a label to a conversation
  7. Add multiple labels to a conversation
  8. Select “Filter messages like these” from the More menu
  9. Create a filter using the form that appears after the previous step
  10. Select all conversations
  11. Select all unread conversations

Working with Messages

Google Mail messages are organized into conversations, consisting of one or more messages that share a subject line. The inbox, search results, and other views present the user with lists of conversations.

  1. Move forward and backward through the messages that make up a conversation, and identify whether a message is expanded or collapsed
  2. Open (expand) a message
  3. Close (collapse) a message
  4. Mark message as important
  5. Mark message as not important
  6. Star message
  7. Reply to message (sender only)
  8. Reply to all
  9. Write a reply and send it
  10. Forward message
  11. Print message
  12. Archive message
  13. Mark message as spam
  14. Delete a message
  15. Add to tasks (from the More menu)
  16. Create an event (from the More menu)

Composing Mail

  1. Select the “Compose Mail” button
  2. Add a receipt to the “To” line. Choose the recipient from your Contacts
  3. Add a recipient to the CC line. Again, choose this recipient from your Contacts
  4. Attach two files to the message
  5. Review the two attachments, and uncheck one of them so as not to send it
  6. Compose a message, and use the rich text editor to:
    1. Make text bold
    2. Make text italicized
    3. Make text underlined
    4. Change the font
    5. Change the text size
    6. Change the text color
    7. Insert an emoticon
    8. Add a numbered list
    9. Add a bulleted list
    10. Increase indentation
    11. Decrease indentation
    12. Add quote
    13. Align left
    14. Align center
    15. Align right
  7. Ascertain the following characteristics of the text that currently has focus:
    1. Is text bold?
    2. Is text italicized?
    3. Is text underlined?
    4. What is the current font?
    5. What is the current text size?
    6. What is the current text color?
    7. What is the current emoticon?
    8. Is this a list? If so, is it numbered or bulleted?
    9. What is the current level of indentation?
    10. Is the current text a quote?
    11. How is the text currently aligned? (left, right, or centered)
  8. Change message to plain text
  9. Check spelling
  10. Find a word that spell check identified as misspelled
  11. Use Google's recommended correct spellings to correct it
  12. Send the message

Finding Mail

  1. Place focus in the search field
  2. Search for a message
  3. Go the search results

Working with Tasks

  1. Open Tasks
  2. Read the list of tasks
  3. Mark a task as complete
  4. Add a task
  5. Delete a task
  6. Email task list
  7. Close Tasks

Getting Help

  1. Select Mail Help
  2. Find and open the list of Gmail keyboard shortcuts
  3. Find and open Gmail accessibility help for screen reader users

Working with Settings

  1. Go to the Mail Settings
  2. Navigate the settings, change various options (this is an application in itself - not sure how specific we want to get)

Working with Labels

NOTE: There are multiple ways to accomplish most of these tasks. Since this is a functional task list, I haven’t specified the steps for any of these actions.

  1. Create a new label
  2. Assign a color to a label
  3. Toggle the new label so that is shown in the Label List, then hidden from the Label List, then shown again.
  4. Select multiple conversations in the inbox, and assign the new label to them
  5. Navigate to the new label in the Label List, and select it, then browse the list of conversations associated with this label

People Features

  1. When reading a message, navigate to the list of people who are participants in the conversation (aka the “group”)
  2. Start a group chat
  3. Send an email to this group
  4. Schedule a meeting with this group