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Google has made significant improvements for screen reader users when using Documents and the Document List, but these tests show that support for screen reader users is still poor and the needs of people with other types of disabilities have not been met. Considerable work still needs to be done to ensure that people with all types of disabilities can fully use the Google Application suite.

Based on the amount of concentrated effort Google has made to Documents and the Document List and the significant shortcomings that still remain, it is likely that all aspects of the Google Application suite will have similar levels of non-support for many types of disabilities.

We hope this report will allow Google to understand the breadth of the problem when designing accessible Web applications and the issues faced by people with varied disabilities and assistive technologies when trying to access their products. While the disabilities and the assistive technologies tested in this report are not exhaustive, they do represent an accurate sampling of the problems faced.

ATHEN will be conducting more tests with other assistive technologies and other Google products to better help Google understand what further issues the community of people with disabilities face.