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Minutes for CSUN Conference Meeting 2002

Initial Meeting for ATHEN

Meeting was held 11:30 - 1:00
Executive Suite II LAX Marriott - CSUN

Conference Meeting and lunch was sponsored by:

  • EASI Inc. - Norm Coombs
  • ALVA Access Group Inc.
  • Larry Lake Northwest Center for Technology Access Ron Stewart
  • CSUN - Bud Rizer

Purpose of the Organization (ATHEN)

  • Acquiring sharing and dissemination of best practices in AT in Higher Ed.
  • AT training materials Core-Curriculum
  • Promote development of Degree Programs, not just certificates
  • Establish a professional identity for those who practice AT in Higher Ed.
  • Development of Professional Standards of Practice for AT in Higher Ed.
  • Present a collective voice for the professional practice of AT in Higher Ed.
  • Work towards the development of a credentialing process for AT in Higher Ed.

To be done to establish the organization

  • Charter the Organization
  • Select Name and Membership Criteria
  • Establish working committees and chairs
  • Executive Committee - Officers and at large members?
  • Outreach and Partnership
  • Membership
  • Professional Development
  • Others?
  • Establish an organizational structure and reasonable dues

Interim Officers elected, term to be until bylaws are established and formal elections can be held.

President: Ron Stewart, Oregon State University, nominated and seconded, elected by unanimous voice vote

VP: Motioned and seconded, passed by voice vote to elect dual VP's one representing the East Coast and the other the West Coast.

  • Pratik Patel, City University of New York elected as East Coast VP by unanimous voice vote
  • Dan Comden, University of Washington, elected as West Coast VP by unanimous voice vote

Treasurer: Will handle membership and bank account until duties defined by bylaws. Marla Roll, Colorado State University, elected by unanimous voice vote

Secretary: Laurie Vasquez, Santa Barbara City College, elected by unanimous voice vote

Committees Established:

  • Bylaws and Organizational Structure: Pratek Patel, Chair
  • Membership: Helen Ostrander and Ron Stewart Co-Chair
  • Executive: Ron Stewart Chair, membership is currently set as elected officers
  • Publications: Chair to be determined
  • Establishment of Ejournal, listserv and website, Ron Stewart will provide server space
  • Outreach and Partnerships: Sheryl Burgstahler Chair
  • Professional Development: Terry Thompson Chair

Organizational Dues:

Current members will be Charter members Dues set at $35 by voice vote until formal structure established Proposed membership categories:

  • Professional $50
  • Associate $50
  • Student $25
  • Institutional $100

Criteria for various membership categories need to be determined charter membership dues to be set at $35 until the executive committee can meet and a formal structure proposed to the membership. At that time the difference will be paid. The Treasurer will look into opening a bank account for the organization.

The intent is that this will be an international organization. Meetings to be held at least annually, or at each of the four major AT conferences, CSUN, ATIA, CTG, AHG Howard Kramer has volunteered AHG to be our annual conference. Much discussion took place at other conferences vs. CSUN

Organizational Name

A wide variety of names were proposed and discussed after much deliberation the name ATHEN was passed by majority voice vote To become a member: Send a Check for $35.00(US) to:

Marla Roll
305 Occupational Therapy Bldg.
Assistive Technology Resource Center
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 8052