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Minutes for Accessing Higher Ground Conference Meeting 2002

ATHEN Meeting November 7, 2002 Accessing Higher Ground Conference, Colorado University

Meeting called to order at 5:33 pm by Ron Stewart

Officers Present: R. Stewart (President), M. Roll (Treasurer), D. Comden (Co-VP) Current ATHEN Web site is Discussion list is

Some time was spent recalling/describing current projects:

  • Bylaws
  • Best practices
  • Credentialing/Standards
  • E-journal (first issue will concern e-text production)
  • Professional Development

Ron spent some time describing the current mission - for the group to establish an identity as well as core competencies for AT professionals



Dan will try to have draft version out by the end of January to give plenty of time for discussion prior to CSUN. Hopefully we can establish bylaws at CSUN in March 2003.


Volunteers are solicited. Some discussion on problem areas we face in our field. Things like Distance Ed, E-text, Campus Accessibility policies, organizational models for AT provision were all brought up.

Professional Development

Additional people interested in this area are Kevin Sesock and Eileen Berger.


Current membership is $35 as decided at the CSUN meeting last March. New categories will be created when bylaws are developed. There's an online form for membership on the web site. Marla asked that people please NOT pay with purchase orders if at all possible. There are currently 25 paid members.


Discussion about how many universities have AT positions. Ron noted there are about 50 on the ADTECH-PS list. More discussion on what job descriptions, requirements, oversight departments, etc. Leah Vickery's survey was described and Robert Beach will see about getting them posted. Looks like there's interest in creating a survey to round out Leah's research. Margaret Londergan, Tyler Kendall and Michael Nusan will develop the survey. Dan Comden will host at the UW's accessible web-based survey tool. A loose definition of ATHEN members: -- Involved in Access Technology in the postsecondary environment This definition is NOT finalized.

Meeting adjourned: 6:13 pm Dan Comden