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Minutes for CSUN Conference Meeting 2003

ATHEN Minutes CSUN Conference 2003 March 19, 2003

Meeting was called to order at 6pm. Introduction of members present: Dan Comden, Theresa Wells, Abbie O'Sullivan, Terry Thompson, Dawn Hunziker, Gerry Nies, Kevin Price, Margaret Londergon, Helene Maxwell, Pratik Patel, EA Draffan, Ron Stewart, Michael Goldhammer, Gaier Dietrich, San Ogami, Chris Hudson, Connie Wiersmac, Terri Hedgepeth, Sean Keegan, Carolyn Fiori, Laurie Vasquez

I. Treasurers Report

Balance currently $1065.00 Treasurer - Marla Roll (snowed in at the airport, we missed her at the conference)

II. Membership report

Currently 31 active members

III. Professional development report

  • a. Terry Thompson gave a report on the survey he has developed. The following questions were raised:
  • b. What is the scope of this survey?
  • c. What are the needs of the members?
  • d. What are the needs of those who are not members?
  • e. There is a need to establish a professional identity
  • f. AHEAD - Trying to get student school administrators included in DSPS category. Disability service providers do not exist in the normal matrices that are used by colleges and universities to determine position payroll standards.
  • g. Do we conduct survey in two phases?
  • h. What is the effect on validity and stability?
  • i. Initial purpose is for membership as data and a collection tool.
  • j. Second phase of survey identifies services provided by membership

Motion - Gaier moved to roll out questionnaire in two phases. Second by Ron Stewart. Passed unanimously After feedback from members it will be reorganized, web-based, accessible, will be available for open source usage. Could be offered as a free survey tool. After feedback from members it will be reorganized, web-based, accessible, and will be available for open source usage. Could be offered as a free survey tool. Terry mentioned he and Kevin Sesock were working on the programming and welcomed additional volunteers if anyone was interested. Sam Ogami expressed interest at that time.

IV. E-Journal

Need someone to take on the task of coordinating journal? First issue to focus on E-Text production.

V. Web Discussion

Michael Goldhammer asked the group if there were any additional changes the group wanted to see made to the existing website. He asked if the E-journal should be part of the website. Group discussed private hosting options. Motion by Michael to go for domain name ATHEN.NET

  • a. Domain name Motion - Dan Comden moved to establish domain name for no more than $300.00 Second - Sam Ogami Motion passed unanimously
  • b. Cost of private hosting Motion - by Pratik Patel to find a private host for ATHEN.NET Cost not to exceed $150.00 Michael Goldhammer will research costs Second - Dan Comden

VI. Bylaws Discussion

Dan Comden asked if there were any changes to be made to the bylaws. A member asked why bylaws? In England they have what is know as a "code of conduct." Bylaws provide structure for the organization. Currently, we have non-profit status. If we go to 503C it is considered non-profit status, which allows for fundraising as an option for the membership. If there is a controversy, bylaws dictate who can vote. Bylaws are not meant to regulate member's behavior. Bylaws will not be modified unless a crisis deems it necessary. A Mission statement is not part of the bylaws and can be added to the website. Bylaws state: " Quorum " Who votes " Structure " Membership - discussed that until the bylaws are accepted there is no need to renew because the provisions or membership stated that the initial membership would last until formal membership criteria were specified in the bylaws. " Not identity " Dues " Procedural aspects can change at any time " How officers are selected " What are designated officers " Committee structure Interim officers will review bylaws one last time before sending out to members.

VII. Voting procedures

Motion - by Abby whereby 30 days from the time bylaws are posted we do an official vote on bylaws. Comment period should be allowed 30 day open period and then bring to vote Amendment to motion - 30 day from date posted, allow for 15-day review and then vote. Clarify voting procedures in bylaws Second - Terry Passed unanimously b. Electronic voting - Members asked how will we vote? Electronic validation with password protected site for members only. c. Annual dues will be collected after bylaws passed VIII. Election of officers will be done through electronic validation Announcements 1. Gaier Dietrich - Meeting Thurs. on Alternate Media in Postsecondary (UC, CSU, CC) 2. Howard Gardner - announced 2003 Higher Ground Conference 3. Terri Hedgepeth - distributed summary of research which will be posted on ATHEN website

Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm

Submitted by Secretary/ Laurie Vasquez