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Keynote: Arbitrarily Close to Access in STEM

ATHEN is elated to announce Zach Lattin as the keynote speaker for the 2022 ATHEN Virtual STEM Accessibility Conference: Starting with Math. He is certain to delight, enlighten and amuse attendees with his talk, "Arbitrarily Close to Access in STEM". 


The notion of a limit from calculus is something that engineering majors and pure math majors alike encounter repeatedly throughout their undergraduate studies. In this talk, Zach will look at STEM accessibility issues through the lens of various definitions of a limit and share some personal stories along the way. Don't worry, familiarity with math or calculus is not required.


Zach Lattin earned his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Literature from the University of Washington. He has taught braille in three countries and in three languages. Currently, he works at Clark College as an assistive technology trainer and web accessibility specialist. As a congenitally blind screen-reader user and life-long braille reader, Zach is acutely aware of access issues which arise in the context of STEM learning. When Zach can't sleep, he enjoys re-reading Gödel's incompleteness theorems or counting certain finite groups up to isomorphism.

You can reach Zach Lattin at LinkedIn

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